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The Resilient Eighth Astrological House

posted May 8, 2020, 1:44 PM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated May 8, 2020, 2:02 PM ]

The Resilient Eighth Astrological House

By Carmen Turner Schott, MSW, LCSW

For many years, I have helped many people who have planets in the eighth house. The one thing that they all had in common was that each of them had experienced some type of trauma and pain.  I have listened to these stories over and over again, and know that they are survivors.  Most people would never even know about the pain and sacrifices that they have made throughout their lives.  The secrets that eighth house people keep are often dark and taboo, and often mysterious.  Even those closest to them are often unaware of the hidden inner strength that people with planets in the eighth house have. Eighth house people often never share with anyone the painful experiences that they lived through. They often suffer in silence and try to take care of things on their own. I used to say that they are “survivors” that often suffer in secret, but now I know it’s much more than that.

Eighth house people rise from the ashes and heal from things that most normal people would never survive through. Many normal people would give up, retreat and often would if they experienced half of the life experiences that eighth house people have lived through.  Eighth house people might get knocked down, but they always get back up and when they do they often come back even stronger.  The energy of Scorpio and Pluto rule the eighth house and this energy can ignite great regenerative energy. This bestows eighth house people with survival skills. They often realize that they are in charge of their lives and they are the only one that can make sure they get back up.  They learn to depend on themselves.  They transform and take all of those memories, emotions and thoughts and morph into an entire new person. This ability to regenerate, transform inside creates healing and with time they are able to truly forgive although they never forget.

Imagine that someone close to you who you loved more than anyone betrays you and abandons you.  What do you do? Imagine that your child dies in a tragic car accident. What do you do? Imagine that your closest friend ends their life by suicide. What do you do?  Imagine that someone you trusted took advance of you and you felt used and traumatized because you trusted that person fully. How do you move forward? How do you heal from something so devastating?  It’s called resiliency.

All eighth house people are resilient.  Being resilient means you are capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture and tend to recover from or adjust easily from misfortune or change (Webster Dictionary). Eighth house people have the ability to bounce back into shape after being stretched to their limit, compressed beyond measure and when dented with severe damage.  They might hit rock bottom, depressed and struggling to get out of bed each day.  These feelings might last for months and then out of the blue, a voice inside tells them “get up”.  That voice within is the voice of resiliency.  It’s the voice telling them that they can overcome and that it’s time to rise. They have to rise because the world depends on them. They have to stand up, dust off all the pain and walk away from it. They are meant to experience everything and feel deeply, so they can move forward and help others heal. They are born to be true healers to the wounded and those that are lost. That’s why people with planets in the eighth house are often called the “wounded healer”.

Eighth house people are meant to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.  Through emotional death, psychological death and symbolic death most eighth house people transform who they are.  They are forced to let the past die, to release old hurts and trauma.  They are meant to. They are meant to become beacons of hope for those who are hopeless. They are meant to be a listening ear for those who have sad stories to tell. They are meant to be there for someone who needs a good friend and a good hug in a moment of devastation.  They are meant to be there for those who are in the dark knight of the soul because they are truly able to understand. They have extreme empathy for those who suffer because they know what it feels like and they have continued to live. They are the most resilient people in this world.  The eighth house is not just the house of death and transformation. It’s the house of resiliency.

Planets in the Eighth House

Sun in Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s main identity

Moon in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s emotions

Mercury in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s thought and beliefs

Venus in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s need for peace, harmony and love

Mars in the Eighth House- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s drive, aggression and passion

Jupiter in the Eight House- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s luck, abundance and expansion of self

Saturn in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s past, karma, responsibilities and burdens

Uranus in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s ability to adapt to the unexpected, allow change and rebel from restrictions

Neptune in the Eighth-Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s ability to see things clearly, embrace suffering and enhance belief in a higher power

Pluto in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s ability to accept death, trauma and the realization that everything must die and be reborn so that they can heal

Chiron in the Eighth- Finds resilience from changing and transforming one’s traumatic emotional wounds by helping others who also have suffered the same wounds, becoming a “wounded healer”.

Alone Time Versus Isolation

posted May 21, 2015, 9:36 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated May 21, 2015, 9:40 AM ]

As a 12th house Sun and Venus person I have always felt the urge to withdrawal from the world and spend time alone. I loved hanging out with people for a certain amount of time, but even at a young age I realized I was different. I had a strong need to stay home or be with myself to recover and recoup my energies. I remember feeling very drained and tired after being around friends, family or after a day at school. I felt better after spending some time alone and in a peaceful environment.

Alone time is healthy for 12th house people. We need it to heal, recover and survive because of our heightened sensitivity to the environment and other people. We are psychic sponges who absorb everything going on around us. We pick up loud noises, emotions and other people’s energy very easily. This lack of boundaries between our self and others is prominent at a young age, even if we did not realize it.

I was 16 years old when I read about the Sun in the 12th house for the first time and it was the first time that I felt validated and that I felt my personality was described accurately. It made me feel better about my need for alone time. Spending time alone reading, meditating, journaling or listening to music is a healthy way to experience alone time.

The other side of this house is isolation. The danger of isolation is that 12th house people often want to withdrawal and hide when they feel a challenge in their lives or if they are experiencing high levels of stress. It is healthy to focus on ourselves more when we need to balance our life and energies. Although it can become unhealthy if we try to avoid people and places in order to be reclusive. There is a fine line between alone time and avoidance. Avoidance and isolation can be a coping mechanism designed to protect oneself, but can also further isolate us causing more loneliness, depression and anxiety.

We need to recognize this and learn about our own unique phases of 12th house withdrawal. Unhealthy withdrawal might include avoiding work, the practical duties we have to complete to live in this material world. The material world can be a cruel reality and feel harsh for many 12th house people, but we must face it and live in this world.

We chose to be here in physical form. Our soul has to be in the world, but not of the world. Being our true spiritual self in a practical way is the aim as we are in a physical body for a reason. Our goal is to be in the world but not let the world get into us. I remember when I was younger and I felt like I did not want to be in the world, because I felt like I was not from here. I disliked practical responsibilities and it was difficult and painful. It felt easier to join a monastery, temple or become a religious ascetic giving up all worldly possessions. Although I realized that this was not the answer. I would feel guilty for having material things or money. I would feel I should not have these things and should give to others. A friend of mine at the time yelled at me and told me that I did not take a vow of poverty. They were right. I realized that running away and avoiding the real world was not the answer. This was running away from my true soul mission.

12th house people are here to help others in this practical world. If we hide away, we can’t use our spiritual gifts and abilities to truly uplift others. To tread a spiritual path takes both practical and spiritual balance. When I experienced heartache or betrayal years ago, I wanted to hide. I wanted to avoid people and spend time with a select few that I trusted or alone. I stayed home and worked as an astrologer from home for two years. I avoided people and only did consultations online. I avoided people and isolated myself because I was wounded. 

I had worked at a difficult job with very difficult people and left with feeling drained and hurt. I was worried about being around negative people again. I was very trusting and open hearted and experienced betrayal and disloyalty. I isolated and hid for my own protection, but after two years I felt a change. I knew and realized that God needed me to go out in the world again. I knew he would force me out, and I knew it was because I was a 12th house person. The energy changed and I received my answer. I knew what being a 12th house person meant and I knew I had to help others and use my spiritual gifts in the real world. I was avoiding my destiny and withdrawing became a negative coping mechanism. It became isolation.

I re-entered the world and began counseling others again and helped many people. I realized that being in the practical world was the only way I can achieve happiness in some way. By helping others it helped me heal. This is why 12th house people attract people with problems from a young age. We naturally attract the wounded, because we have experienced wounding ourselves. We attract others to us like moths to a flame. Our light shines brightly and others feel our empathic nature and kindness.

As 12th house people we need to balance and walk in this world, but not let the negativity and materialism sway us from our mission. Our mission is Compassionate Service to others in the practical world.

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Pluto in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:55 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated May 21, 2015, 9:40 AM ]

When Pluto is in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your powerful feelings. You like to hide who you really are. You prefer working behind the scenes and like influencing things secretly.  You often have a powerful position and give orders to others behind the scenes.  No one will ever truly realize the power you have in the world, because you like to hide the influence you have. You have a very secretive nature and are always hiding from others. You have intense and passionate emotions that you try to hide and this can lead to secret love affairs. You can become obsessed with your romantic feelings and find it hard to concentrate. You can become addicted to your own emotions and develop unhealthy relationships with others that are difficult to end. 

You are born with psychic abilities and a deep understanding about life.  You are naturally spiritual and seek time alone to meditate, write and think about spiritual issues.  You can have time where you can deny yourself and give up things for your spiritual path. You have intense sexual desires and may try to become celibate as a test to yourself.  You like to push the limits and you enjoy feeling the adrenaline of intense emotional interaction.  You are a passionate person and you enjoy risk taking behaviors. You need to be careful about getting involved in drugs or alcohol.  You can become addicted easily to substances and find it hard to give them up.  You bottle up your emotions and keep them secret from others, which can lead to escapism. You feel a powerful need to escape from the world into your imagination or through alcohol. You feel anger intensely and sometimes it turns into a rage that you try to repress and hide.  Make sure you learn how to express your powerful emotions in a healthy way, because if not you could become sick. 

You will benefit by studying anything spiritual. You need to feel a connection to God and this is where your wound begins. Your relationship with your father was possibly strained or non-existent. Your father might have had an addiction to alcohol, a mental illness or may have died at a young age. You must learn how to heal and love yourself.  You may feel that you do not have a physical father and this causes you immense pain and suffering.  You will heal your wound when you learn to turn your face towards God, who is your true father. You are destined to seek a spiritual connection with the universe and this will help you heal your inner wounds.

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Uranus in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:54 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:10 AM ]

When Uranus is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who experiences visions of the future.  You are gifted with psychic abilities that seem to come to you instantly.  You are a person who needs time to be alone.  You are reclusive and enjoy studying mystical subjects behind the scenes.  You can experience secret love affairs and fall in love with others easily.  You often hide your true feelings for those you care about.  You enjoy having freedom to study and time alone to expand your mind.

You need to be careful about abusing substances such as alcohol or cigarettes. You can become addicted to substances easily, because you like to experience change and find it exciting.    You can suffer from your own instability and rebellious nature.  You have an addictive type of personality and can find it difficult to give up things that you become obsessed with.  Your beliefs about the world are constantly changing.  You need to live in an environment that allows you to be free.  You have intuitive and psychic abilities that can be used to serve others.  You often can see things before they happen and have the gift of clairvoyance. 

You need to trust your visions, dreams and perceptions about the future.  You would benefit by writing things down and can find that you have a great writing talent.  Writing will bring you a sense of peace and will help you balance your restless nature.  You need to trust in yourself and allow the universe to send you messages so that you can help uplift others who are suffering.  The more you help others, who are suffering and allow yourself to change, the more spiritual you will become.

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Neptune in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:53 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:10 AM ]

When Neptune is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who suffers from your own compassionate nature.  You are extremely sensitive to the emotions in the environment and to other people.  You lack protection from the energetic influences that surround you.  You easily pick up what others think, feel and believe.  You suffer greatly at times because of your sensitivity.  You can feel depressed, withdrawn and sad for no reason.  You are a loner and prefer to spend time by yourself.  You are imaginative and enjoy thinking deeply about life. 

You are born psychic and are able to understand things about people without them telling you.  You are like a sponge and absorb everything in the environment.  You need to learn how to protect yourself and develop stronger boundaries with others.  Others can easily fool you and drain you of your positive energy.  You like to believe that everyone is good and spiritual. When you realize that the world can be an evil place, you can become despondent.  The realization that people can be mean, evil and abusive disturbs you.  You prefer to see everyone as loving, kind and compassionate like you are.

You are interested in life after death and hidden realms.  You may repress your true emotions and keep them secret from others.  You may feel that others will not understand your spiritual beliefs and nature.  The older you get, the more spiritual you will become.  You need to be careful not to abuse drugs or alcohol, because you are highly sensitive to substances that alter the mind.  You are prone to addiction and escaping from your emotional pain.  You need to face the pain you feel and transform it into a spiritual understanding and bond with God.  You are blessed with the ability to connect to God through meditation, prayer and journaling.  Your life will be happiest when you follow a spiritual path and way of life.

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Saturn in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:51 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:10 AM ]

When Saturn is in the twelfth house, you are a person who tries to repress their fears and doubts.  You are a person who may suffer from depression and sadness.  You will work very hard to cover up your depression and try to overcome it.  You need to be easier on yourself and understand that everyone gets depressed, and sometimes feeling sad is normal.  You may suffer from guilty feelings and not truly understand where your guilt comes from.  You have a fear of the unknown and of being overwhelmed by your emotions.  You are a sensitive person and have escapist tendencies.  You like to be alone and have the time to do things in seclusion.  Your emotions are strong and you have to work hard to control them.  You spend a lot of time controlling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

You may suffer from some type of addiction and you are able to repress the urge for the substance with discipline and will power.  You will have problems with relapse if you do not allow yourself to face the emotions and feelings that led to the addiction in the first place.  You do not like to be dependent on others and you avoid sharing your painful feelings with them.  You will experience pain and feelings of separateness, because you will not allow yourself to open up to others or be vulnerable. You are rigid in your behaviors and will use self-control to overcome many unpleasant emotions.

Even though you do not like relying on others to support you, you enjoy others reaching out to 
you for help.  You are often the person that your friends and family turns to for support and understanding.  You want to be strong for your family and will set aside your own problems to help them with theirs.  Being of service to others will help you break free of your unpleasant guilt and will help you break the chains that you impose upon yourself.  You need to embrace your psychic abilities and learn how to use them in a practical way.

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Jupiter in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:50 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:11 AM ]

When Jupiter is in the twelfth house, you are a person who is born with intuitive gifts.  You are shielded from many of the negative energies of the twelfth house.  You have a guardian angel that watches over you, that shields you from the pain and suffering often found here.  You have a vivid imagination and an optimistic approach to life.  You will benefit by doing anything spiritual such as meditation, writing, metaphysics and spirituality.  You can connect to spirit easily and are blessed with a deep connection to God.  You might seek out this relationship by becoming a nun, priest or rabbi.  You love to study ancient knowledge and are attracted to things that are deep and meaningful.

You will have good luck coming to you from spiritual work and service to others.  The more you serve others, the more blessings will be given to you.  You have a strong desire for alone time and solitude.  You enjoy being by yourself and prefer to spend time alone.  You are sensitive in large groups and would prefer to spend time thinking, writing and studying deep subjects.  Other people in your life will be drawn to you and will enjoy sharing their problems with you.  Your outlook on life is upbeat and optimistic.  You are able to answer many questions for others on a variety of spiritual topics.  You are born with a natural understanding of life and why we are here.  You may have grown up in a family that is very different than you and they will not understand your spiritual nature. 

You can sacrifice yourself for a greater spiritual cause and are capable of selfless acts of service.  You will receive good luck and blessings each time you make a sacrifice for others.  The more you give to others, the more you receive.  You attract abundance in many areas and are always searching for a deeper connection to the world.  You are someone who enjoys spending time in deep thought and you like to try to figure out what is the purpose of life.  You do not enjoy superficial subjects and prefer to live an ascetic lifestyle.  You realize that true happiness does not come from the outer world of material possessions, but from within and by finding your connection to your spiritual source. 

You are blessed with psychic gifts and intuitive abilities.  You can have visions, impressions and dreams that predict the future.  You would benefit by keeping a journal next to your bed at night while you sleep.  You need to write your dreams down every night and it will be beneficial to keep a journal so you can start to write down your intuitive impressions throughout the day.  You are luckier than most people who have twelfth house planets and you are shielded from the loneliness that usually comes with the twelfth house.

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Mars in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:48 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:11 AM ]

When Mars is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your true feelings and desires.  You have a strong spiritual nature and are very intuitive.  You are driven and like to delve into the depths of your own mind and the minds of others.  Your selfish desires are often hidden from others and no one really knows what you really want.  Sometimes your desires and actions are influenced by a force outside yourself.  You often feel an overwhelming sense of mission, but avoid opening up to others because of your own unconscious fears.

You may feel repressed and have an inability to express your restless nature outwardly.  You tend to internalize your passions and intense feelings, finding them difficult to express.  You will feel angry like most people, but it will be difficult for you to express it.  You often turn your anger onto yourself, which can cause health problems. You should try to meditate every day to help relieve your pent up energy.  You have a strong desire to serve others and help those that are wounded.  You can fight for those that are abused, abandoned and alone.  You enjoy rescuing people and like to feel that you are appreciated for your kind actions.  You can fluctuate between extremes of anger and then show extreme compassion.  Your compassionate nature is intensified with this placement and sometimes you might neglect yourself for others.  You will benefit by trying to understand your complex nature by utilizing writing, journaling and spiritual pursuits. 

There is a danger for you to become involved with alcohol or other self-destructive behaviors.  You need to face your problems head on and not blame yourself for everything that happens.  You may try to escape from your painful experiences and find it hard to face daily life.  You are prone to depression, which often is a natural part of your personality.  You can overcome your loneliness by seeking things that have meaning and finding your own sense of spirituality.  You may need to talk to a counselor about your problems and emotions, which will create a healthy outlet for your pent up feelings.    You like to hide your problems from others and put a lot of effort and energy into being secretive about your faults.  You need to be careful and watch out when you are driving or operating machinery.  You are vulnerable to cuts and injuries, and may have to have surgery at some time in your life. 

Your relationship with your father is something that causes you pain.  In childhood, your father might have suffered with alcoholism and was not emotionally or physically there for you.  You may have argued with your father and might have felt like you had to take care of him because of his weaknesses.  You feel like you have an absent or missing father figure and are always seeking something from others, which is acceptance.  When you turn your energy towards spirituality and connecting with your higher power you will feel more secure.  Be careful not to allow your father’s problems to become your own.  You need to be cautious about using alcohol or drugs, because you are highly susceptible to addiction.      

The blessing of this placement is a gift of intense spirituality and compassion.  You need to learn to love yourself and open yourself up to others.  You will benefit by learning to express yourself freely and to trust that others will appreciate your honesty.  You will always feel that anger is a difficult emotion to deal with, but the more you embrace it, the more you will grow.  You will be happier when you stop allowing others to take your power.

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Venus in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:46 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:11 AM ]

When Venus is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your romantic feelings and relationships.  The twelfth house is known as the “House of Suffering”.  The energy that rules this house is kept hidden or secret. The deep secrets about your own personality, as well as your emotions are locked within you.  This placement is an indicator of suffering through love affairs and through heartache at some time in your life.  The positive energy of this placement is that you are also protected by what seems like a guardian angel watching over you.  When you are at your lowest point and almost ready to give up hope, the universe answers your prayers in many ways.  You are always protected and you are guarded more than others around you by invisible forces. 

You are destined to experience clandestine or secret love affairs.  This happens because your expression of love is kept secret from others. Your initial emotion of love is held within and sometimes never expressed. You might often find yourself in love with someone that is not free. You may fall in love with someone who is already married or committed to someone else.   I have studied several charts with this placement and almost every time, the client reveals to me that they either had an affair, were in love with someone they could not be with, or they were in love with someone and never let them know. 

You will experience hidden feelings or secret love affairs at some time in your life. Sometimes the feelings are acted on and other times you will keep them hidden and repressed. You may not cheat on your partner, but you will have “emotional affairs” because of the energy of this placement. Even the most moral, committed and happily married individual can fall prey to this placement. This can be extremely difficult for you, but with understanding and compassion you will eventually heal. You can suffer as a result of the relationships that you find yourself in. It is important for you to truly look within and be honest about your emotions.   You have a tendency to be attracted to partners that have some type of pain in their life.  You are attracted to partners who have been wounded.  You fall in love with people that need your help and that you feel you need to take care of in some way.  You can attract unhealthy partners that might not be mentally stable and this can manifest as depression.  You are spiritual and can fall in love easily with partners that are spiritual.  Love and spirituality go hand and hand for you.  Just be cautious when you have feelings for others.  Sometimes you can put people up on a pedestal and have illusions about how someone truly is because you only see the good in others.  You can be blinded by love and ignore all the red flags of disaster before it is too late.  You will naturally love others who are wounded, outcasts or those that people make fun of.  You have great compassion for those who suffer and are different.  Sometimes you can get involved in relationships with partners that have addiction issues such as alcoholism.  You are a natural co-dependent when you are in relationships and need to be careful not to neglect yourself for others.  You have to learn to first love yourself before you can truly love others in a healthy way.  

You will experience relationships like the ones described above, but remember that it is not your fault. The energy of this placement might eventually lead you into situations similar to the ones above.  You are destined to experience secretive relationships and secret love affairs at some time in your life. Do not feel guilty or blame yourself for these experiences, but use them to learn more about yourself.

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Mercury in the Twelfth House

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:44 AM by Carmen Turner-Schott   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:11 AM ]

When Mercury is placed in the twelfth house, you are a deep thinker and often hide your true thoughts.  You are a person who finds it difficult to express yourself to others.  You are shy and can find it difficult to let others into your life, because of your private nature. You are a deep thinker and have a very perceptive mind.  You may not always express yourself and find it difficult to put words to your emotions.  Your intuition and first impressions are likely to be accurate.  You are bored with practical learning and enjoy imaginative subjects.  You enjoy daydreaming and can escape into your mind when you are feeling stress.  You need time alone to recover from daily life.  It is important that you have the time to be alone with your own thoughts.

You might have psychic experiences and be able to read others thoughts.  You may have flashes of intuition and you would benefit by writing down your insights.   You may enjoy writing and find it easier to write down your thoughts than to say them verbally.  Writing can be a great healing resource for you.  You can feel that your thoughts are deep and you often have difficulty understanding what you think.  You can get your thoughts and others thoughts confused.  You are very sensitive to others and the environment that you are in.  You can take on the thoughts of others and with practice can control this ability. 

You have a spiritual mind and enjoy thinking about the meaning of life and spirituality.  You can meditate easily and can benefit by quieting your mind and spending time in silence.  Your mind reaches great depths and you are someone who can be hypnotized easily and are highly suggestible.

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