Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:50:11 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Jupiter is in the twelfth house, you are a person who is born with intuitive gifts. You are shielded from many of the negative energies of the twelfth house. You have a guardian angel that watches over you, that shields you from the pain and suffering often found here. You have a vivid imagination and an optimistic approach to life. You will benefit by doing anything spiritual such as meditation, writing, metaphysics and spirituality. You can connect to spirit easily and are blessed with a deep connection to God. You might seek out this relationship by becoming a nun, priest or rabbi. You love to study ancient knowledge and are attracted to things that are deep and meaningful.

You will have good luck coming to you from spiritual work and service to others. The more you serve others, the more blessings will be given to you. You have a strong desire for alone time and solitude. You enjoy being by yourself and prefer to spend time alone. You are sensitive in large groups and would prefer to spend time thinking, writing and studying deep subjects. Other people in your life will be drawn to you and will enjoy sharing their problems with you. Your outlook on life is upbeat and optimistic. You are able to answer many questions for others on a variety of spiritual topics. You are born with a natural understanding of life and why we are here. You may have grown up in a family that is very different than you and they will not understand your spiritual nature.

You can sacrifice yourself for a greater spiritual cause and are capable of selfless acts of service. You will receive good luck and blessings each time you make a sacrifice for others. The more you give to others, the more you receive. You attract abundance in many areas and are always searching for a deeper connection to the world. You are someone who enjoys spending time in deep thought and you like to try to figure out what is the purpose of life. You do not enjoy superficial subjects and prefer to live an ascetic lifestyle. You realize that true happiness does not come from the outer world of material possessions, but from within and by finding your connection to your spiritual source.

You are blessed with psychic gifts and intuitive abilities. You can have visions, impressions and dreams that predict the future. You would benefit by keeping a journal next to your bed at night while you sleep. You need to write your dreams down every night and it will be beneficial to keep a journal so you can start to write down your intuitive impressions throughout the day. You are luckier than most people who have twelfth house planets and you are shielded from the loneliness that usually comes with the twelfth house.

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