Mars in the Eighth House

Post date: Dec 30, 2014 4:39:21 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Mars is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who has a strong sexual nature. You often find yourself involved in relationships that are deep and highly sexual. When you bond with someone on a physical level, it can be difficult for you to ever let go of that person. You can become a jealous, angry, obsessive lover and find yourself drawn to unstable, unhealthy relationships. You can become reckless in your dealings with others and enjoy pushing yourself and others to the breaking point of no return. You like to live on the edge and need to be careful about speeding and becoming involved in accidents. You have intense passions and experience dramatic shifts in emotion that you try to repress. You often fight your intense feelings and try to keep them hidden from others. You need to exercise regularly or have a physical outlet for all of your intense energy. You are vulnerable to illness and disease if you continually repress your emotions, sexual urges, and desires. You need to learn how to have a healthy balance and avoid extremes. You can be extremely expressive and demonstrative of your emotions and on other days you can withhold, repress, and keep secrets about what you truly feel. You live life in black and white terms and see issues as good or bad. You feel intense love and extreme hate, intense sexual feelings and other times you can go long periods without sexual contact. You can restrict yourself of things easily or overindulge in them. You are an “all or nothing” type of person and this can cause problems for you in relationships. You are intuitive, insightful and have a strong imagination. You are drawn to secrets and are very perceptive. You are interested in digging up secrets, finding missing answers and helping bring the truth out. You have a gift for police and detective work and often work behind the scenes in some way. You have an inquisitive mind and an eye for details that attract you to research. You are interested in delving deeply into topics that require investigative skills. People are drawn to you for healing and like to share their problems with you. You can become uncomfortable around others and like to be by yourself. You need time alone to think and process your complex emotional nature. You may have conflicts with your family over inheritance, land and the material resources of someone close to you. You can inherit money from your father, grandfather or through a male family member. There can be conflict over other people’s resources and you might have to battle to claim what was given to you or you may be cut out of someone’s will because of your aggressive behavior. You can have special talents in the healing fields such as holistic medicine; massage therapy, psychiatry, and anything dealing with other people’s resources. You need to feel intensity with others and in your work. If you do not feel deeply connected in your work with others or if you are not able to dig deeply into situations, you can become bored and depressed. You are sensitive to other people’s emotions, especially anger, rage, jealousy and resentment. You can take on other people’s emotions and have a hard time distinguishing between your own feelings and those of others in the environment. You will benefit by putting effort into expressing yourself in healthy, balanced ways instead of going to extremes. With practice and time you can become a powerful force of change in the lives of others.

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