Mercury in the Eighth House

Post date: Dec 30, 2014 4:37:27 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Mercury is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who keeps their thoughts and ideas secret from others. You are a very private person and you tend to repress your thoughts. You do not readily communicate with others about anything, unless you feel that you can trust them. You have an intuitive mind and can see through others words and verbal accolades. You like conversation that is deep and has substance. You cannot stand superficial conversation and small talk. When you do communicate with others, you prefer it to be with others that are of a deep insightful nature like yourself. You enjoy probing the mind of others and try to figure out if they are telling you the truth. You enjoy mind games and exercises to strengthen your mind. You are an imaginative thinker and have a mind that likes to delve into complex subjects. You enjoy research and thinking about what makes life the way it is. You like to understand how things work on a deep level and enjoy examining different things to figure out what makes them tick. You have a mind that is like a sponge and you absorb everything going on in the environment. This ability can lead to confusion, irritability and depression. You pick up other peoples thoughts easily and sometimes find it hard to differentiate between what you are thinking and what others are thinking. You are gifted and might have the ability to read minds, although you may not even know it. If you are in a room with people, you tend to be the one who knows what others are going to say. You can see right through fakers and people who put on a false persona. You read people like a book and many people who need someone to listen to their problems will be attracted to you. Others like to discuss their secrets with you, even if you do not particularly want to know. You may be standing in the grocery store and someone walks up to you and tells you that they are getting old and having a midlife crisis. People who are struggling with taboo issues are drawn to you and they will start talking to you. You enjoy talking with others about important life matters such as life, death, spirits, finances and property. You enjoy learning things about people that they would not normally tell others. You would make an excellent psychologist or counselor. You have the ability to be perceptive and pull out the truth in others. You know what is going on with others and are able to communicate the words that they need to hear. Your gift of expression touches others on a deep emotional level. Your biggest fault is that you try to hide your true thoughts from others. If you like someone you may never let them know it directly. When you are angry with someone, you will internalize that anger. You repress your true thoughts and sometimes can explode with a sharp tongue when you feel stressed. You would benefit from writing down your intense thoughts and ideas in a journal. Writing is a good stress reliever for you and you can benefit greatly by getting your ideas out of your mind and into reality. You probably enjoy reading detective books, mystery novels and metaphysical books on new age topics such as astrology, meditation, and healing. You enjoy discussing spiritual topics with those you trust and with those that can understand you. You are curious about all the mysteries and hidden things in life and enjoy thinking about the paranormal. You would benefit by studying the paranormal and researching mystical phenomena.

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