Moon in the Eighth House

Post date: Dec 30, 2014 4:28:57 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When the moon is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who is born with a highly sensitive emotional nature. You are drawn to the mysterious and the unknown fascinates you. Your emotional nature is intense and secretive. You often hide your true emotions and feelings from others because you fear that they won’t understand you. Your emotional nature comes in extremes; love and hate, black and white, and trust versus distrust. There is little middle room with you regarding your emotions. When you were a child you were fascinated by death or terrified of it. You are connected to the dead and anything that is the unknown such as UFOs, ghosts, spirits, psychic abilities and anything New Age. You had an understanding of death on a core level and were born naturally intuitive. You may have laid in bed at night and thought, “What if I die? What will happen to me when I die?” These questions might have haunted you and came into your mind naturally as a child and you may have been afraid of dying. You may have had experiences with spirits when you were younger and saw things that you could not explain. Your emotional nature is complex and you feel different from others. You can feel alone even when you are among friends and family. You intuitively know that you are different from other people. You are different because you have special psychic abilities that can manifest themselves through your dreams, intuition, gut instinct, thoughts and visions. At times you think you are crazy and doubt your own perceptions. You need to learn to trust your perceptions and understand that they are a part of you and can give you great insight into others. You attract people who suffer and who have emotional pain. Your energy draws individuals into your life that need healing, because they seem to attach to you easily and naturally. These individuals are not always good for your life. You need to remember that it is not your responsibility to take on their karma or their emotions. You are not responsible for healing the entire world, but can be of service when needed. Be careful not to drain yourself of all your energy or to take on other people’s pain making it your own. You absorb everything in the environment and suffer greatly from negativity and lower level energies. Your energy vibrates at a high level and you need to learn how to protect yourself energetically. Visualizing a ball of yellow light surrounding you when you are in large groups will help you ground yourself. Sometimes you feel that others dislike you or are angry with you. This can cause you tremendous emotional pain. Sometimes others are not aware of their motivations, subconscious thoughts or emotions, but you notice these things. You have an antenna that picks up all the hidden, secret and taboo things in your environment. Sometimes it is hard for you to know if you are feeling your own emotions or those of others. You will benefit greatly from meditation and relaxation. Journal about your thoughts, feelings and perceptions can bring you emotional comfort.

You can suffer emotionally with sadness and depression in your life. Sometimes you feel like others are always hurting you and they often do because you feel others pain so easily. Learning to have boundaries with others and learning to control your sensitive emotional nature can help bring you security and comfort. At some time in your life you will feel victimized by others sexually or emotionally. Your wound revolves around trust and intimacy issues. When you have sexual intercourse with someone you merge with that person on a spiritual level and it can be hard for you to let them go. Your suffering comes from relationships and sometimes others take advantage of you. Just know that these experiences are part of the eighth house and you are meant to become a stronger person because of them. You are a survivor and have great healing strength. Even when you suffer, you will rise up like the phoenix out of the ashes and regenerate yourself and heal. You may be in bed depressed, unable to get up or take a shower. You may cry yourself to sleep for months, but eventually the warrior comes out from within you and you jump up and face these emotions. You are a survivor and no matter how low you hit rock bottom, you will always rise up stronger, healthier and happier. You are a natural healer and are often drawn to careers that allow you to delve deeply into other people’s secrets. You enjoy bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness. You excel in careers such as psychiatry, psychology, medicine, research, criminal work, detective work, coroner, funeral home mortuary director, and metaphysical fields. You have healing hands and would benefit from studying Reiki, Pranic Healing and Healing Touch moralities. Working with energy and sending energy to others comes naturally to you. At some time in your life, you will probably have an interest in these areas of healing.

You may have lost your mother at a young age through death or your mother might be very controlling and possessive. Your relationship with your mother is intense and you learn a lot from her about trust. You will inherit something from your mother or her side of the family. You may inherit land, property, possessions, money, or psychic abilities from your mother or from someone on your mother’s side of the family. Your spiritual gifts often come from your mother’s side of the family such as a maternal grandmother or grandfather. You benefit from females and other peoples sacrifices for you. Your financial success and material abundance will almost always come to you from someone else such as family, friends or your marriage partner.

You have to accept that others will need to give to you this lifetime. You have to allow others to help you. The moon in the eighth house is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you will be a true healer and able to serve others in a deep way based on your own past experiences. The curse is that you often feel a lack of depth in your own relationships with others and feel that no one can be there for you as deeply as you need them to be. You get bored easily with others if they cannot hold the level of intensity that you need. You can be restless throughout your life, always looking for your “soul-mate” and feel that most intimate partners lack something that you need. You connect to others through sex and depth of emotional interaction. Your emotional happiness is dependent upon being able to connect deeply with people. You need to realize that your feelings of loneliness will ease once you begin to see your oneness with others and not your separateness. You are a true healer and need to use your gifts to help others heal and transform themselves. Through healing others, you will also heal yourself.

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