Saturn in the Eighth House

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:19:17 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Saturn is in the eighth house, you are a person who represses your emotions and develops a strong secretive nature. You do not like change and will find that you work very hard to avoid it. You dislike the unexpected and often fear the future. You do not like the unknown and often restrict yourself in some way. You may be afraid of your psychic abilities and intuition. You may try hard to repress your natural healing gifts and sensitive nature. You are serious about life and often worry about death. You are afraid of death and may experience the loss of someone you love at a young age.

You will benefit by embracing change into your life and learning to trust others more. You would benefit by reading books about change and preparing for the future. Anything that you do that helps you become more relaxed and open to change will make life easier for you. You have a tendency to repress your emotions and sexual nature. You may be afraid of having sex and or have a rigid attitude about it. You do not naturally find it easy to give yourself to someone else and intimacy is an area of life that you worry about. You feel uncomfortable sharing anything intimate with others and are afraid of being hurt. You are a serious person and find it hard to open up to others. Sexuality will always be an area of your life that you will have to embrace. You have to face the things that you are afraid of. You feel responsible for others actions and have trouble understanding why others hurt you. You can put up a wall around yourself and others might perceive you as cold or unloving. The truth is that you are a loving person even if you don’t know how to show it easily.

You may have a karmic debt to balance out regarding other people’s finances. If there is an inheritance in your life, you may be restricted from it in some way or not receive what you deserved. Other people’s resources will be a source of confusion for you at some time in your life. You may also find yourself taking responsibility for someone else’s property, business, finances and retirement plans. You may be asked to be the person to take care of someone’s last will and testament. You will have to decide how the person’s finances are distributed to everyone in the family. You will be the responsible person who makes sure that everyone is financially taken care of. You need to try to see this as a gift and not a burden.

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