Saturn in the Twelfth House

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:51:40 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Saturn is in the twelfth house, you are a person who tries to repress their fears and doubts. You are a person who may suffer from depression and sadness. You will work very hard to cover up your depression and try to overcome it. You need to be easier on yourself and understand that everyone gets depressed, and sometimes feeling sad is normal. You may suffer from guilty feelings and not truly understand where your guilt comes from. You have a fear of the unknown and of being overwhelmed by your emotions. You are a sensitive person and have escapist tendencies. You like to be alone and have the time to do things in seclusion. Your emotions are strong and you have to work hard to control them. You spend a lot of time controlling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

You may suffer from some type of addiction and you are able to repress the urge for the substance with discipline and will power. You will have problems with relapse if you do not allow yourself to face the emotions and feelings that led to the addiction in the first place. You do not like to be dependent on others and you avoid sharing your painful feelings with them. You will experience pain and feelings of separateness, because you will not allow yourself to open up to others or be vulnerable. You are rigid in your behaviors and will use self-control to overcome many unpleasant emotions.

Even though you do not like relying on others to support you, you enjoy others reaching out to

you for help. You are often the person that your friends and family turns to for support and understanding. You want to be strong for your family and will set aside your own problems to help them with theirs. Being of service to others will help you break free of your unpleasant guilt and will help you break the chains that you impose upon yourself. You need to embrace your psychic abilities and learn how to use them in a practical way.

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