Venus in the Eighth House

Post date: Dec 30, 2014 4:35:27 PM

Copyright by Carmen Turner Schott, Author

When Venus is placed in the eighth house, you are focused on keeping your love nature secret and private. You will benefit through the marriage partner and will tend to marry someone of a higher financial status than yourself. You are blessed by your partner’s possessions and financial situation. You have a deep love nature and you can be possessive and intense. When you fall in love, you can fall very and do not take relationships lightly. Having Intimacy and trust is crucial for you to feel comfortable with a partner. Before you can become sexually active with a partner, you will wait until you know you can trust them. You struggle with trusting others and find it difficult to show your true feelings to those you care about. You will want to know for sure how they feel about you before you will share your own intimate feelings. You can feel insecure at times and you are afraid of being hurt. When you have sex with a partner it is all or nothing for you. You expect a high level of commitment and loyalty from your partner and can become jealous, vengeful and aggressive if you feel mistreated.

You are attracted to secretive individuals that work behind the scenes in some way. The partners you attract are often in law enforcement, detective work, psychiatry, psychology and fields where they delve deeply into psychological matters. You are attracted to intense and passionate individuals. When you are in relationships, you are also passionate and possessive of your partners. You expect a high level of depth in your relationships and if you do not experience this, then you will feel restless and bored. You can find it hard to emotionally connect with some people and find most relationships superficial and lacking in some way. You cannot tolerate superficiality in your intimate relationships and are not a casual dater. You enjoy a one on one relationship that is stable and serious. Many times you can marry someone based on financial status and material security. You are attracted to others that have money, wealth, and influence. You can find it hard to marry someone who is poor or struggles financially, even if you love them. You can sometimes marry solely based on a partner’s financial success and wealth, even if there is not a true chemistry between you. You need to be aware of this trait within yourself. You can attract partner’s that are wounded in some way. You feel love for people who have pain. You can fall in love with others if you feel that they need you, and if you connect emotionally with them. You need to be cautious and think about the difference between truly feeling in love or feeling pity for someone. Sometimes you can mistake feelings of love for your own intuitive ability of feeling other’s pain. Connecting to others pain often brings you a partner that is unstable, unhealthy or unreliable. You may learn this the hard way, by constantly feeling victimized throughout your life. Sex and love go hand and hand for you. You can find it difficult to separate them, which creates a feeling of loneliness relationships. You can sacrifice your own feelings for others and sometimes sex can bring heartache into your life. When you have sex with a partner, you develop a strong attachment that is difficult to break. You need to be careful about who you share intimacy with, because you can sometimes find yourself feeling that you were taken advantage of. You need emotional depth in your relationships to feel fulfilled and to experience happiness.

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