Sun in the Twelfth House Part 2

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:41:14 PM

First you need to understand that the Twelfth house is one of the most spiritual houses in your astrological chart. It represents issues related to spirituality, secrets, karma, charity, confinement, institutions, suffering, cosmic consciousness, meditation, escapism and service to humanity. With your main identity placed in this house, you are born an intuitive person. This makes you extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. You are compassionate, caring and self-sacrificing. You may experience a loss of boundaries between yourself and others, especially in large groups. You will have mystical experiences and will dream vividly. You draw people into your life that have problems and it is as if there is a sign on your back that says, “Come to me if you have problems”. You enjoy helping people and often attract others that are outcasts or people who others treat badly, because you are a caretaker to the unfortunate. You feel other people’s pain and need to be careful about the people that you allow into your life. Your psychic sensitivity is high and therefore you must learn to protect yourself. You do not have to help everyone that comes your way and you need to be careful not to give your energy away to others. It is important that you avoid alcohol and drugs because your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are extremely sensitive to these things. They can cause you more harm than most people, making you susceptible to addiction.

Your peace of mind and stress release must come through meditation, quiet time, journaling, reading and isolated activities. You enjoy being by yourself and need to have alone time much more than others. You can become irritable, depressed and sad easily if you don’t get time alone. You must have time to withdrawal from the world to heal, recharge and then prepare to re-enter the world of people. Whenever the Sun is placed here, you are forced to find your oneness with God and to find out who you truly are. This very early development usually begins with a bonding with your earthly father, which unfortunately is often damaged.

There are three key situations that I have observed, with individuals with the Sun in the twelfth house. First, there is always a feeling of detachment from the father figure. This can occur for many reasons, but the most frequent reason, that I see is loss of the father figure through death at a young age. You are unable to bond with your father figure due to their sudden death or absence. Many times I have had clients say,” My father died when I was five”, “My father died when I was ten”, or “I never knew my father.”. The second manifestation that occurs is that your father figure may have had a drug or alcohol problem, which makes them incapable of bonding with you when you are a child. You might have grown up feeling detached from your father and perceived him as distant. The last thing that tends to occur is what I call, an “absent or missing father figure experience.” The father is physically in your life, but there is no relationship and no bond. Your father might work a lot, travel or simply did not communicate with you while growing up. Therefore, in all three instances there is a feeling that one does not have a father. A deep-seated loneliness can arise for you, because you always feel that you are seeking that fatherly energy. Some females with this placement might seek it through relationships with men. This can cause a variety of problems and often more suffering. Whenever you start to make your partner the complete focus of your life, the universe will strip it away from you. You are forced to turn to the higher forces for that energy and love. This lesson might happen several times before you realize what is happening to you. Men with this placement might feel uncomfortable with other men. You might only seek out female companionship. You might isolate any potential male friends, because of an innate fear of abandonment and the inability to trust. You do not know how to respond to other males equally, because of the absent bond with your father figure.

These types of experiences are very normal with this placement. The primary reason that this happens is to encourage you to seek your true father, who is God the Creator. There is a lot of suffering that can come from this placement, but significant growth and spiritual advancement as well. You must come to a point in your life where you seek a greater love that is beyond the physical. With this placement you will find your oneness with God through service to others and putting this first in your own life. When you experience that bond with the creative forces and feel that unconditional love that is beyond words, you will feel totally accepted and loved. This is the primary lesson that you have chosen to endure this lifetime. After you do that, then you might have the great honor of finding that bond with another physical person. This will not manifest for you until you master this first basic lesson.

You are sometimes forced to seek God through experiencing suffering, heartache, depression and feelings of loneliness. These feelings occur to push you forward in fulfilling your true purpose. You are blessed with spiritual gifts and can use these to help others in a deeper way. Finding your oneness with God and humanity is your ultimate goal. To feel oneness with humanity is a daunting task, but you are more equipped at pursuing it, handling it and succeeding at it than anyone else. The father figure circumstances in your life no longer are a curse, but can become a blessing in disguise.

This placement of the Sun is truly a blessing for you, even though it might seem unfair at first. I urge you to remember that you are not alone and that there is a spiritual reason for why this occurs. I urge you not to think of yourself as a victim or believe that the universe cheated you out of a relationship with your physical father. The most important thing to remember is that the universe has a plan for you and that plan is for intense oneness and love from your spiritual father. This feeling is often beyond words and is a rare gift that many others would dream to have. Cherish your gifts and spread your light to all those you encounter.

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