Venus in the Twelfth House

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:46:41 PM

When Venus is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your romantic feelings and relationships. The twelfth house is known as the “House of Suffering”. The energy that rules this house is kept hidden or secret. The deep secrets about your own personality, as well as your emotions are locked within you. This placement is an indicator of suffering through love affairs and through heartache at some time in your life. The positive energy of this placement is that you are also protected by what seems like a guardian angel watching over you. When you are at your lowest point and almost ready to give up hope, the universe answers your prayers in many ways. You are always protected and you are guarded more than others around you by invisible forces.

You are destined to experience clandestine or secret love affairs. This happens because your expression of love is kept secret from others. Your initial emotion of love is held within and sometimes never expressed. You might often find yourself in love with someone that is not free. You may fall in love with someone who is already married or committed to someone else. I have studied several charts with this placement and almost every time, the client reveals to me that they either had an affair, were in love with someone they could not be with, or they were in love with someone and never let them know.

You will experience hidden feelings or secret love affairs at some time in your life. Sometimes the feelings are acted on and other times you will keep them hidden and repressed. You may not cheat on your partner, but you will have “emotional affairs” because of the energy of this placement. Even the most moral, committed and happily married individual can fall prey to this placement. This can be extremely difficult for you, but with understanding and compassion you will eventually heal. You can suffer as a result of the relationships that you find yourself in. It is important for you to truly look within and be honest about your emotions. You have a tendency to be attracted to partners that have some type of pain in their life. You are attracted to partners who have been wounded. You fall in love with people that need your help and that you feel you need to take care of in some way. You can attract unhealthy partners that might not be mentally stable and this can manifest as depression. You are spiritual and can fall in love easily with partners that are spiritual. Love and spirituality go hand and hand for you. Just be cautious when you have feelings for others. Sometimes you can put people up on a pedestal and have illusions about how someone truly is because you only see the good in others. You can be blinded by love and ignore all the red flags of disaster before it is too late. You will naturally love others who are wounded, outcasts or those that people make fun of. You have great compassion for those who suffer and are different. Sometimes you can get involved in relationships with partners that have addiction issues such as alcoholism. You are a natural co-dependent when you are in relationships and need to be careful not to neglect yourself for others. You have to learn to first love yourself before you can truly love others in a healthy way.

You will experience relationships like the ones described above, but remember that it is not your fault. The energy of this placement might eventually lead you into situations similar to the ones above. You are destined to experience secretive relationships and secret love affairs at some time in your life. Do not feel guilty or blame yourself for these experiences, but use them to learn more about yourself.

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